The collaboration grows: Wright State University Special Collections and Archives

It really does my heart good to see this. We’re going to have one awesome exhibit put together by 2016. Thanks especially to Dawne Dewey and Lisa Rickey!


It’s here!

The article on our “Dayton in the Great War” exhibit at Carillon Park is now in the print edition of the Dayton Daily News…yesterday, actually. You still need a subscription to see the online article here. But now there’s video, which you can view whether or not you have a subscription.

Coming up this Sunday, April 6, 8am: my interview with Ron Rollins (DDN), on “Miami Valley Voices,” WHIO 95.7FM, or online. This is a two-parter, so the second half will air April 13 at 8am.

Hopefully this will garner some attention. Apparently people are already calling into Dayton History with objects they want to donate.

The Great War in the news…

Well, it didn’t appear in today’s Dayton Daily News as originally anticipated. I have been assured that it will be so, soon. Tomorrow: shooting a video trailer for the documentary. Wednesday: interview with Ron Rollins (Cox Media) on Dayton in the First World War, the CELIA project, and the 2016 Wright State/Dayton History exhibit on Dayton in the Great War. Big things are happening! 

 And if you haven’t already seen the Wright State “War & Society” Tumblr, check it out. For now, the focus will be on the Great War…and especially its impact on Dayton.