What’s coming up in 2015

I hope I don’t disappoint here, but I’m going to forego the (seemingly) obligatory “this is a First World War blog so I probably ought to say something about the 1914 Christmas Truce here, what with the centennial approaching and everything” post. And not just because it doesn’t have much to do with Dayton in the First World War, but because it seems to have been beaten to death, so to speak.

But we’ve got lots coming up in the next year. We are still busy making preparations for the WWI exhibit at Carillon Park, though that won’t be up-and-running until the spring of 2016. Together with Steve King and Mike King at Image Werx, we’re getting started on [what we hope will be] our documentary on Dayton in the Great War. But for the most part we’re working like crazy on the events we have scheduled for the week of March 9, 2015. Besides the performances of Benjamin Britten’s WaRequiem graphic-page-001r Requiem (we’ll have much more on this coming up soon), there will be other, small events that week, all dealing with the impact of the First World War on the arts in particular. Stay tuned!

In the meantime…here’s the official Wright State promotional graphic for the War Requiem and the residency of Maestro Keith Lockhart as Visiting Distinguished Artist in March.

Happy holidays!


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